Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is now available at our practice which makes it possible to do filling without injection most of the time. Also gum surgery and whitening can be done with laser.

With Dental Bio-laser a number of dental procedures can be done:

Teeth whitening: produces superior results which last longer than traditional whiting system,and  less post procedure sensitivity

Dental Fillings can be done without injection most of the time.

Sensitive Tooth: laser can be used to treat sensitivity and results can be seen before you leave our practice.

Ulcer treatment and relief from cold sore.

Gum disease: laser can be used with traditional treatment options with very good results.

Watch the video below about laser.

A “gummy smile” is a common condition in many patients. WaterLase is indicated for many soft tissue applications, including ginigvectomy, or the removal of gingival tissue. In this clip, the WaterLase dentist uses the WaterLase without any scalpels to adjust the gingival height on the patient’s smile, resulting in a very happy post-operative patient. All these procedures were performed by clinicians on actual patients.

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