Implant with Crown (from $5000)

 First Choice To Replace Missing Teeth?

Implants are anchored permanently in the jaw bone and help to support the crown of the missing tooth. It’s an option for people who don’t want to wear dentures or get a bridge done.

Need to have a missing tooth replace but don’t want dentures? 

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Do you have dentures that seem to ”float” around your mouth? Dental Implants are just the solution for you!

Dentures are a great way of restoring your smile, however, they often have poor stability and can move about while eating and talking.

By placing two implants into the lower jaw, you can achieve a superior level of stability for your lower dentures which will not only improve your experience of wearing your dentures but also in eating and talking with them too.

Implants can also be placed in the upper jaw for people with upper denture problem.
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