Services for Kids

Services for Kids

Free Treatment for Under 18 Years Old

We are very fortunate in New Zealand to have a great oral health service for your young people.

From the age of 6 months to primary school, your school dental nurse will provide your child with free annual examinations as well as fillings and extractions. However, it is very important that parents follow up these appointments and attend them with their children.

If there are certain treatments that the school dental nurse cannot provide for your child then you will be given a referral letter and a list of dentists who will treat primary school aged children. You may then contact any of the dentists on the list and book an appointment for your child.

Once your child reaches high school age, they will no longer fall into the care of the school dental nurses and may choose to go to a private dentist that is contracted to see school children. Your child will choose the dentist of their choice while in year 8 or you may contact your local dentist about this service.

Your dentist will then see your child on an annual basis for a checkup and give follow up appointments for any treatment that may be needed.

Treatment that is covered includes fillings, extractions, root canal treatments, annual checkups, cleanings, false teeth, crowns and bridges and night splints, anything to aid or repair the function of the teeth. Some of these treatments are on an approval basis and may require a request from the Auckland regional dental service before they can be carried out.

Treatment that t is not covered under the free dental treatment scheme are treatments such as braces, bleaching and mouth guards. These are considered to be aesthetic treatments.

Remember, your child’s dental treatment is only covered while they are under 18 years of age, once they turn 18, they are no longer covered and will have to pay as a private patients.

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