3D Cone Beam X-ray

3D Cone Beam X-ray

Remarkably Fast, Remarkably Accurate
Rapid 8.9 second scan time

Experience more advanced anatomical views by capturing  3-D images right at clininc. Achieve incredibly accurate, immediate assessments with the GXCB-500™, powered  by i-CAT®. This breakthrough, Cone Beam 3-D imaging  technology is now incorporated into a system featuring ground-breaking affordability.

The GXCB-500 provides powerful, instantaneous diagnostic and treatment planning tools that surpass the capabilities ofconventional 2-D imaging.

Capture anatomically accurate information to assist in diagnosis, planning and treatment. Determine precise tooth position bone structure, locations of relative anatomy, and vital structures using complete, 360-degree, three-dimensional scans that display vividly on your computer monitor.

Overall the 3D x-ray provides the best image and helps us in giving you the best treatment option in no guess work involved.

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