Dr Gayatri Singh

Dr Gayatri SinghDr Gayatri Singh completed her Bachelor in Dental Surgery from India in 2008. She has passed The Australian Dental exam’s and gained her NZDA registration .She has been working in New Zealand for the past decade diagnosing dental problems in adult and paediatric patients.
Dr Gayatri has developed numerous general dentistry skills over the years such as assisting in dental surgery, root canal treatment, fillings, oral prophylaxis, crown and bridge preparation, inlays and on lays, post and core, extractions and educating kids under DHB in regards to brushing technique and oral health care.

She is an enthusiastic, career-oriented and talented dental professional with tremendous knowledge of dental care processes and procedures. She is looking forward to taking up the responsibilities of a dentist to enhance her patients smile and patients comforts during each dental visit